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     high borosilicate glass kitchenware manufacturer/borosilicate glass food container,borosilicate glass casserole,borosilicate glass baking dish

Hebei Gaoding Technology Co.,ltd

 high borosilicate glass kitchenware manufacturer/borosilicate glass food container,borosilicate glass casserole,borosilicate glass baking dish

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Heat-resistant glass preservation box


Product features of heat-resistant glass preservation box

1Excellent sealing and preservation air-proofEffectively inhibit microbial growth and prevent bacterial cross infectionPrevent the food from getting mouldyStrengthen food nutrition to prevent loss;Reduce the rate of fat oxidation;Prevent the odor, cut off the secondary pollution;Prevent liquid leakage; Stable performance, moisture resistant, low temperature freezing, preservation, preservation;Vacuum cooling time is short.

1:Sanitary, safe and non-toxic and tasteless.

Preservation box box adopts high borosilicate heat-resistant glass, the lid completely non-toxic tasteless PP materials manufacturing, does not contain mercury, lead, cadmium, and other heavy metals), the harmful material such as PVC, no any pollution to food, had no effect on human health, no any pollution to the environment.High borosilicate heat-resistant glass material the use of safe coefficient is high, never happened like the explosive phenomenon of toughened glass, small thermal expansion coefficient, large range of resistance to temperature change sharply (120 ) or higher, heat resistant up to 800 .

3:Economic durability

Even if sudden impact or rapid temperature change, it is not easy to break, the abrasion resistance is stronger, and long time use will not show scratches.

4:Integrated use space

Through scientific measurement, width, height design to be inclusive and building blocks to fold, limited space can be used more fully, in the refrigerator, save up to 40% of the space.

5:Versatility and versatility

According to the user's different requirements, we design a variety of crisper boxes (long square, square and round), which can be combined according to the user's requirements.

6:Attractive appearance

The box is bright and thorough, and it can be used to identify the contents. Like a crystal-like appearance, like a diamond solid texture, let table food and beauty remain.

7:Versatile and practical

It can be refrigerated, frozen, microwave, fresh, suitable for storing all kinds of food, cosmetics, toys, hardware, etc., and applicable to refrigerator, microwave oven, oven, dishwasher. Strong corrosion resistance, easy to clean, boiling water disinfection. To achieve a box of the full versatility and convenience, the inside of the refrigerator can be placed directly into the microwave oven cooking and serve the table, greatly reducing the time, money, the space of repeated investment.A hand can also solve the fresh, cooking, storage, receiving and other household chores.


1:This product is suitable for the safe use of microwave oven and oven in the oven, to protect your microwave oven, do not empty use.

2:Please do not heat the flame directly.

3:Glass products are fragile, don't crash or scrape with sharp tools.

4:In freezing storage, the glass products may be damaged due to the expansion of food volume. Please note the following items: do not fill containers with solid food and liquid containing abundant moisture. A viscous substance such as curry and jam can be kept frozen. Other dried fruits, spices, meats and other refrigerated storage.

5:Please use sponge (gauze) and neutral detergent when washing.

6:Be sure to use the kitchen gloves or oven gloves to get (avoid scalding).

The original material

High borosilicate glass (main part), pp polypropylene (box cover), silicone (hollow seal strip) safe and non-toxic, no harm to human health!

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